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Join The Cultivate Growth Track: The Growth Track helps small and emerging businesses to grow their business by reaching new customers. All businesses must grow by increasing their revenue and the Cultivate Growth Track will help you achieve this growth. We help you to accomplish this business growth through a series of on-going workshops and our digital marketing toolkit. The primary emphasis of our approach is our cycle of iterations to improve your reach to new customers. We will show you how to GATHER business intelligence using your website and social media, ANALYZE that data to determine how to improve it and ACT on that analysis with our hands on labs to help you implement customer growth by improving your website, social media and online reputation.

If you are savvy enough to write an email and make a post to Facebook then you can do this with our help.

The Digital Marketing Tool Kit includes a fully hosted WordPress website, setup support for Google Analytics, Google My Business, Search Console, Contact Forms, SEO and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Growth Track”? – Your goal as a business owner must be to increase revenue or your business won’t survive. The Growth Track is the Cultivate Growth cycle to expand your service obtainable market (SOM) by a process of iteration. We can help you implement growth strategies by reaching different markets and more customers.

I already have a website and social media profile, why would I need a new one? If you are actively and continually improving your digital marketing and experiencing growth in new customers then you might not need the Growth Track. We typically see most companies pay for their site to be built and then very seldom make changes and improvements to it. The Growth Track is a completely different approach where we begin with a simple but professional site and then continually improve it through a process of iterations that are based on business intelligence about your prospective customers. Through this process you learn what works to convert new leads. Your sales and marketing approach will continually improve and incorporate multiple facets of your face to face business development and digital marketing experiences (web, social, reviews, seo, paid ads, etc).

Do I need to cancel my existing website plan before joining the Growth Track? No, leave your current website live for now. We will help you setup a “staging” site where we can coach you through the process of getting a great site and once that is ready to go live we will show you how to pull the switch so the new site comes up. After that it will be possible to turn off your old site and cancel that plan.

Is this better than paying a digital marketing agency to build and manage my website and social media? – A professional agency will do a great job building your site for you for $3,000-$10,000 or more.  Our process is more affordable with almost no upfront expense and will help you to better understand your customers which we believe is invaluable.

How much is a Growth Track Membership? There is a $149 onboarding fee and a $149/mo membership fee for our Growth Track Members. Cultivate will help you launch a fully functioning WordPress website configured with our premium theme and plugin tools. Your monthly membership includes the hosting and a small amount of technical support. Additionally our Growth Track Members are able to attend all of our workshops where we will help you to apply improvements to your digital marketing.

What is different about the website hosted through a Growth Track Membership? The team at Cultivate has built hundreds of WordPress websites. Most companies will install your WordPress on a shared hosting environment that is vulnerable to slow downs caused by other sites on that same server. The sites we include in our Growth Track Membership include a fully containerized hosting environment, SSL to secure your forms and increase your SEO, weekly website backups/retention, monthly WordPress and plugin updates and our premium plugins to help insure your site security and optimization. Additionally most WordPress website themes come bundled with plugins that may not receive security updates through their developer. Since we have our own master license for the plugins we provide we are able to help you keep these up to date.